New Ocean Motors English

Befor you visit

Prior to visiting New Ocean Motors, please get in touch with our office in order to verify that the particular car you are interested in purchasing is still available by e.mail or a telephone call to our office.


Please be advised that for our final inspection the sales tax and maintenance costs will be taken care of by us for free and at no charge to you.

Test Drive

If you desire to take a test drive, please call us in advance and make an appointment in order for us to prepare the temporary plates if they are required.


A deposit of $1,000.00 is required to reserve a vehicle for you, along with a signed Purchase Agreement to verify your commitment to purchase the vehicle.


We are unable to arrange financing for your purchase, therefore you must make financial arrangements through your bank or credit union. Normally, it should take about 24 to 48 hours to receive an answer.


We will arrange for the final inspection using a factory which is authorized by the Japanese Government. They will carefully inspect over 60 items according to a check list. They will replace any parts needed at no charge to the customer. It will require a week to 10 days.


There is no warranty.Every car we sell is sold "AS IS," so please check that the meets with your satisfaction before you make the purchase.

Paper work

We will provide you with a "Bill of Sale" and "Certification" for you, complete with our company stamp. You will be provided with the Original Title (or de-registration paperwork) along with the JCI (remaining insurance) upon receipt of the full payment. Please understand that a $300.00 deposit is required to transfer to you the original title which will be in the name of the previous owner or our company, but we will refund the full amount when you return with the title under your name.

Pick up

If your car does not have a license plate, please obtain temporary plates in advance prior to picking up your car. You will need the title and proof of JCI insurance in order to be issued the temporary plates.


Please inquire at the registration office on your base.

After you purchase

The following items will be the responsibility of the owner for payment:

* License Plates
* Road Tax
* Weight Tax
* Title (Registration)fee
* Personal Insurance
* JCI (Liability/Collision)
Please consult your nearest Land Office for details.